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  • Two Months & Two Weeks

    I’m finally launching this blog! Sorry that it has taken me so long – I am two months into Peace Corps training, and I only have two weeks left! Where does the time go? I do not have internet access at home right now – hopefully, I will have it once I get to site in two weeks, and I will update on a more regular basis.

    The latest and greatest of my life in Ukraine:

    Learning Russian continues to be a fun but challenging adventure. On June 4th, I will officially take a test that tells the Peace Corps what language level I am at. Wish me luck!

  • The First Post

    Hello all!

    This found its way into some of your inboxes, but I figured I’d keep it here for archiving sake too —– this is an update from early April.

    I’m just finishing my second week of “Pre-Service Training,” which is the 10 week precursor to Peace Corps service. What does PST entail? Lots and lots of learning!