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  • Lost In A Good Book

    One of my favorite hobbies throughout my life has been reading. Unfortunately, ‘reading for fun’ took a backseat to the rest of my life for the past few years – or more realistically, about the past decade or so. Getting in touch with my inner bookworm is one of the treasures of my PC experience.

    One of my personal goals for the next two years is to read 103 books. Why 103? Well, I’m an offbeat person who doesn’t like even numbers as much as odd numbers, and 101 was taken by Dalmatians. Reading only 99 books seemed like I would be one book short of real ambition, and so I have settled on 103.

  • In-Service Training: Projects, Plans & People

    The past two weeks have flown by! I was in Kiev from August 6-9th and 13th-16th for two In-Service Training’s (ISTs) offered by the Peace Corps. At ISTs, every volunteer brings a coworker (we call them ‘counterparts’)  in order to receive extra training on topics that are important to the development of  Ukrainian society.

    Both ISTs were extremely beneficial events for me and my counterparts. I was really excited to attend, and they did not disappoint. I truly have been impressed with Peace Corps Ukraine and the high quality programming that is offered to Peace Corps Volunteers.

  • Eastern Rinok

    One of the great parts about being a PCV is that I am surrounded by motivated people – Ukrainians, fellow PCV’s, and volunteers from other countries. I am continually impressed by the creativity and passion of those around me.

    A project that I have recently gotten excited about is Eastern Rinok. This project is a collaboration between Ukrainian artisans and Peace Corps Volunteers. With the help and support of volunteers, Ukrainian artisans post their items on Etsy, an online store for handmade items. They are able to reach a global audience (!) with their awesome handmade products. It’s a win-win on many levels: the artisans learn new business practices and sell their wares; volunteers teach local Ukrainians how to conduct trainings for artisans in their communities; and people from around the world can purchase gifts that have a story and a purpose.