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  • Wedding Well Wishes and Some Sweet Snapshots

    The past few weeks have flown by – work projects have kept me busy, I’ve been lucky enough to do some travelling, and I’ve been enjoying autumn weather with friends. A quick update!

    Wedding Well Wishes:

    One of the difficult parts of Peace Corps service is missing important life milestones of friends and family. There are numerous babies being born right now, and many close friends have gotten hitched in the past two months. Although missing these momentous events can be sad, I appreciate that Skype and Facebook help me stay involved in my friends’ lives. I also love sharing stories about my American life with my Ukrainian friends, and vice versa.

  • 9 Things I Love About Ukraine

    Happy Tuesday! Here is a list of 9 things that I love about Ukraine. Of course, the list could be longer, but here is a quick highlight of what I have become fond of during the past six months. (Yes, that’s right, I’ve officially passed the 6 month mark!! How fast time flies.)

    1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

    I shop at the local farmer’s market, aka ‘bazaar’ nearly every day. Tasting fresh, seasonal produce is wonderful. The inexpensive price tag is a perk, as well. As winter looms large, I will miss this greatly. Many Ukrainians do canning of fruits and vegetables, so that they can eat a variety of produce even in the dark days of winter.