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  • Quotes from Craig, Volume 1: Maximus the Cat

    Note: due to bandwith limits on my blog, the contents of this post have been edited. Instead of screen shots of the hilarious email exchanges, I now can only post the words they contained. I’ve also had to reduce image size. Sorry!

    As a Peace Corps Volunteer, one of the most exciting things to receive is a care package or handwritten letter. It is also a joy to receive email updates from family and friends.

    One of my current most enjoyable things is receiving emails from my father. For those who have heard me talk about him and for those who have been lucky enough to meet him – I think he’s pretty funny.

  • The Mid-December Update: Technology, Trainings and Turquoise Leg Warmers

    The weather is getting colder, but the snow still looks beautiful – it’s mid-December in Ukraine! Here are a few updates on what I have been doing.

    Technology is amazing 

    Although I wasn’t around to help make Christmas cookies this year, I was able to Skype in and watch my mom and her sisters in action. It was so nice to be included in the holiday preparations, and it was a family event just like I remember: “are the candy cane cookies too big? They look bigger than Grandma would have made them.”  ”Is something burning? No. Are you sure?”  ”Are the animals getting along with each other? Yes, but the dog ate the cat’s kibble.” I loved tuning in!

  • Thanksgiving, The Macarena, and Other Moments of Fun

    It’s hard to believe the first week of December has already flown by! Here is a recap of my Thanksgiving wanderings:


    I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving since I first arrived in Sumy. And, it was even more fun than I had anticipated!

    First, I celebrated on Thanksgiving Day with my ‘oblastmates’ (PCV’s who live in the same ‘state’ as me). We had a full Thanksgiving feast, including turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

    Turkey Day Group

    The feast!

    After the delicious meal, we tried a “Turkey Fling” tradition that is played annually by the family of Debbie, one of the other PCV’s in my city.