Christmas in July

Peace Corps Volunteers experience a special joy when they receive a package in the mail. On Monday, I experienced my first taste of that joy, and it was fantastic. I also had a taste of peanut butter, which was equally fantastic.

The package, prior to opening, and the first glimpse of what was in store

DSC09913                 DSC09919

All of the goodies! Gifts for my host family, and plenty of treats for me. My grandma taught my family how to pack 10 pounds of items into a 5 pound box – I think she would have been proud.


Jokes included in the box


My mom had promised that a gift from my cat would be included. After three weeks of waiting, I discovered what that gift was – a chunk of cat fur from when they have to de-shed him every few weeks. Ever wonder where I get my strange sense of humor from? Now, you know :) Of course, I got a good laugh when I discovered what it was.


Thanks to Mom, Dad, Aunt Dyan, Uncle Wayne, Joel, and Lori! I love it all!  And, I already shared 1 of the jars of peanut butter with some of my Ukrainian friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Looks like the peanut butter companies need to explore new markets!


Wandering Wichman, aka the Super Spoiled Peace Corps Volunteer

Happy to take any comments!
  1. Robin Picard says:

    This is great! I love the photo with your loot all spread out!