Eastern Rinok Grant

I posted a few weeks ago about a project that I have gotten involved in called Eastern Rinok (you can click here if you missed that post). Now, I’m writing to ask for some help!

The best way for us to expand the Eastern Rinok project is by training more Ukrainian trainers, who in turn will train more artisans. Instead of Peace Corps volunteers training artisans themselves, we increase the business knowledge and presentations skills of Ukrainians who are interested in being Eastern Rinok trainers – this makes our project sustainable! (Because, after all, volunteers are only around for a quick two years).

The Eastern Rinok  team is organizing a Training of Trainers to take place in early November, but in order to do so, we need to raise just under $1,300 by October 1st. This is where you can help! A 100% tax deductible donation made by you will help us make this project a reality. All donations are made here through the Peace Corps website.

I really believe that there is great power in small donations. So, if you can spare $10, we would really appreciate your help! Due to low salaries in Ukraine, we plan to cover the expenses of the attendees – meals, travel, and lodging.

And, with my limited Microsoft Publisher skills, here is a flyer I made about it!

Extended Flyer JPG Pg 1                 Extended Flyer JPG Pg 2

Happy to take any comments!