Forever An American-Ukrainian

Today marks my final day as a Peace Corps Volunteer. After assessing the current situation in Ukraine, Peace Corps has determined that it is not stable enough to send us back.

I had thought about joining the Peace Corps since I was in high school. There were numerous times I considered joining – after undergrad, after grad school – and then I actually joined, after 2.5 years working professionally in Student Affairs.

It was better than I could have ever expected. I am so glad that I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine from March 27, 2013 until April 14, 2014. The memories, the laughter, the challenges – nobody can take those away, even if I didn’t get to stay as long as I had hoped. Every day that I had, the good and the bad, was worth it.

I had such an amazing support system while I was in Ukraine: my Ukrainian friends and family, my friends and family in the U.S., and my fellow volunteers. To each of those people – thank you, спасибо, дуакую.

There is a bell in the Peace Corps office that is only rung by volunteers on the day they are completing their service. Although I did not get the chance to ring the bell, I believe that future volunteers will get that chance. I believe in Ukraine. I believe in a better future for my second home.

I will forever be an American-Ukrainian. I will dream of sunflowers, trips to the sauna, homemade borscht, a million cups of tea shared with friends, packed marshrutkas, delicious chocolate, beautiful summer days, freezing winter nights, and most of all, the joy of building connections and relationships.

I will forever be an American-Ukrainian. I will read a million articles about the current events in Ukraine, I will worry about the country’s future, I will hope like hell that they get through this, quickly.

I will forever be an American-Ukrainian. I will continue to notice that people wear sweatpants outside the house in the U.S., I will be confused as to why people are whistling indoors, and I will take my shoes off immediately upon entering.

I will forever be an American-Ukrainian, because I love my Ukrainian home.

Слава Україні!! Glory to Ukraine!!






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  1. Lily says:

    It was cool time, thank you:)