Lost In A Good Book

One of my favorite hobbies throughout my life has been reading. Unfortunately, ‘reading for fun’ took a backseat to the rest of my life for the past few years – or more realistically, about the past decade or so. Getting in touch with my inner bookworm is one of the treasures of my PC experience.

One of my personal goals for the next two years is to read 103 books. Why 103? Well, I’m an offbeat person who doesn’t like even numbers as much as odd numbers, and 101 was taken by Dalmatians. Reading only 99 books seemed like I would be one book short of real ambition, and so I have settled on 103.

I will keep adding to my book list throughout my Peace Corps experience. I have made my booklist into a ‘page’ on this blog, and you can access the page on the right hand side of this website, under the page ‘About Me.’

You can also click here to go to my book list!

Happy to take any comments!