Sunflower Dreams & My Face on Page 5

Ukraine is the land of sunflowers, and I was waiting with great anticipation for my chance to run around a field o’ sunflowers. It did not disappoint.

Acres and acres of beauty


Sunflowers are tall!! I was literally looking up the whole time.


There’s a wandering PCV in there somwehere.



I also got coverage in a local Sumy newspaper this week. The information came from the press conference that was held a few weeks ago, which I posted about previously. But, I still love printed newspapers, and I still get excited about appearing in print.

Excited…and sweaty. Ukrainian summer!

DSC09910 DSC09909


Here is a link to the article, which was also posted online. (Google Translate is rough on this one, but you can get the general idea).

Happy to take any comments!
  1. Robin Catmur says:

    So great Ashley!! Good to kno wyou are well and enjoying the whole experience – including the sunflowers. I hear they have good chocolates in Ukraine too…;-)
    We miss you!!

    • ashleywichman says:

      Thanks, Robin! I miss you and the OIE gang, too! The rumors of Ukrainian chocolate are true – I never used to eat chocolate…and now it is a daily occurrence. Delicious, or in Russian, вкусный.

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