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  • The 11 Foods/Food-Related Things that “Every” American Misses After They Lived in Ukraine

    I’ve seen a plethora of lists floating around the internet these days. The food lists always seem to favor America and it’s 15,000 varieties of every food product, so I had to add in my own two cents.  This one’s for you, Ukraine.

    The 11 Foods/Food-Related Things “Every” American Misses After They Lived in Ukraine

    (And by “every,” I mean me.)

    1. Roshen Chocolate

    Move over, Hershey’s. You taste like cardboard compared to the delight of Roshen. The truffles in purple foil? DIVINE.

    Fun fact –  The new president of Ukraine is the owner of Roshen.

  • 9 Things I Love About Ukraine

    Happy Tuesday! Here is a list of 9 things that I love about Ukraine. Of course, the list could be longer, but here is a quick highlight of what I have become fond of during the past six months. (Yes, that’s right, I’ve officially passed the 6 month mark!! How fast time flies.)

    1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

    I shop at the local farmer’s market, aka ‘bazaar’ nearly every day. Tasting fresh, seasonal produce is wonderful. The inexpensive price tag is a perk, as well. As winter looms large, I will miss this greatly. Many Ukrainians do canning of fruits and vegetables, so that they can eat a variety of produce even in the dark days of winter.

  • In-Service Training: Projects, Plans & People

    The past two weeks have flown by! I was in Kiev from August 6-9th and 13th-16th for two In-Service Training’s (ISTs) offered by the Peace Corps. At ISTs, every volunteer brings a coworker (we call them ‘counterparts’)  in order to receive extra training on topics that are important to the development of  Ukrainian society.

    Both ISTs were extremely beneficial events for me and my counterparts. I was really excited to attend, and they did not disappoint. I truly have been impressed with Peace Corps Ukraine and the high quality programming that is offered to Peace Corps Volunteers.

  • Camp Excite and Being In the Nature

    I spent July 14-19 at Camp Excite, an English language camp for teenagers in my oblast (state). We had an excellent time!

    It was the most ‘real’ camping I’ve ever done. By real, I mean that there were no showers, outhouses, or permanent structures in the area. The toilet facilities consisted of a trench with wooden boards to squat on (or the second option, which was to find a nice tree to squat next to, somewhere away from the smelly trenches). We bathed and washed our dishes in the river. For those familiar with my sense of humor and my joy for showering on a non-daily basis, you can imagine how much I loved the week. The only downside to being “in the nature”  is that my tentmate and I shared our tent with many ants. Thankfully, they were not the biting kind.

  • The First Post

    Hello all!

    This found its way into some of your inboxes, but I figured I’d keep it here for archiving sake too —– this is an update from early April.

    I’m just finishing my second week of “Pre-Service Training,” which is the 10 week precursor to Peace Corps service. What does PST entail? Lots and lots of learning!