Thanksgiving, The Macarena, and Other Moments of Fun

It’s hard to believe the first week of December has already flown by! Here is a recap of my Thanksgiving wanderings:


I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving since I first arrived in Sumy. And, it was even more fun than I had anticipated!

First, I celebrated on Thanksgiving Day with my ‘oblastmates’ (PCV’s who live in the same ‘state’ as me). We had a full Thanksgiving feast, including turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Turkey Day Group

The feast!

After the delicious meal, we tried a “Turkey Fling” tradition that is played annually by the family of Debbie, one of the other PCV’s in my city.

To do a “Turkey Fling,” each participant decorates a rubber glove. Then, the gloves are filled with water, and each person catapults their gobbler. The winner is the person whose turkey flings the farthest! Sadly, our catapult didn’t work, so we resorted to a basic turkey throw tactic.

Turkey Fling Time  Turkey Toss 1

In honor of the biggest pop culture reference in America this year, I modeled my turkey after Miley Cyrus. I aptly named her the “Twerky.” (P.S. if you don’t get this reference, don’t look it up. Brain cells lost).

Twerky 1

Yes, I was proud of my design. It even had a blond mohawk, just like her namesake.

My second Thanksgiving celebration was with people I had studied with during Peace Corps Pre-Service Training. Never content to merely share our Thanksgiving traditions, Clarissa and I shared another important American cultural tradition: the Macarena.

Watch it here (I’m having trouble embedding videos in my blog, sorry to make you click!)

That’s my Thanksgiving in review! I’ll post later this week about the other wanderings that I have gotten into lately.

Happy to take any comments!