This Spoiled Volunteer Life, Part 1

I received a care package last week in record time – it made it from Wisconsin to Ukraine in 5 days!! A special thanks to Kelli, Mike, Aaron, Ramona, and Mr. and Mrs. M!

And, of course, I must post a photo of what I received:


Peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate – life is good! (And markers for English club projects, too!)

The highlight of this package is definitely the letter from my adorably awesome and amazingly smart nephew, Aaron! He’s just shy of 3 years old, but I’m convinced he will have a long career in literature and/or stand-up comedy (he has some amazing one-liners already). Here is a close-up of the picture he drew:


And here is the story he told about the drawing:

“All these guys weren’t being careful and they fell in the aquarium. It shattered the glass! See, there is a little bit of shattered glass. They tried to get out, but they never did, because they wanted to have a playdate. Now, even the rat lives there.” The End.

I am spoiled Peace Corps Volunteer, who is grateful for all of the love from my family and friends.


Happy to take any comments!