This Spoiled Volunteer Life, Part 2, and Gray Sky Days

Care Package Excitement:

Another care package has arrived! Thank you to Aunt Terry, who sent me an amazing amount of hot sauce, ranch packets, and Jolly Ranchers.

DSC09947Delicious things have come my way!

Aunt Terry cushioned the goods with heavy duty plastic grocery bags that I will use for shopping here, and towels that my grandma embroidered, which will be displayed next month in the kitchen.

DSC09950Even the items used to wrap my care package goodies are a gift!

Gray Sky Days:

Fall has officially arrived in Sumy, which has brought rain and gray skies for several days in a row. The weather has definitely affected my mood – I’m a little more tired than usual, and getting out of bed to run in the morning has required extra mental effort. However, some sun is forecast for the weekend, and there are several events being held to celebrate Sumy’s 358th anniversary (358 = wow!).

Receiving the care package also reminded me of what a hard year it has been for my family, and the gray skies that have accompanied the loss of my uncle and my grandma. The sorrow of losing them has hit me harder and deeper than I could ever have imagined. I am grateful for all the support I have received, and all those who have listened and let me cry on their shoulder (in that really snotty, gross kind of crying way). Thank you.





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