This Sumy Life – First Two Weeks Edition

The first 11 days at site have flown by – here is a brief re-cap of my Sumy life so far!

  • I was in the news! One of the partner organizations of my NGO is the Sumy Press Club, which held a press conference during my second day at work. Please click the link to the video that is pasted below. I was very nervous (you can count the number of times I drink tea during the conference as a good indication of my level of nervousness!)
  • My career in Student Affairs has followed me to Ukraine – I live in a dorm for international students that attend Sumy State University. I live in a guest wing, so while I don’t share any living space with students,  I do share a bathroom/shower with other adult guests who are staying in the dorm. A return to on-campus college days! I am excited to meet  students (and to find people to play soccer and volleyball with, since there are two courts in front of my building).
  • During my time in Sumy, I will work with multiple organizations on different projects. Right now, I am focused on meeting people around town, learning about their organizations, finding out about their current projects, and discussing where my skills could meet their needs. My upcoming event is to conduct an English club on Tuesday with adults, and to potentially conduct a club for kids, too.
  • I live next to a lake – and it’s great! It is definitely an epicenter of activity in Sumy, and I already have spent some time relaxing in the sun and cooling off in the lake. Summer is a vibrant time here.
  • I have been able to meet and interact with great people in these first few days, which makes me feel very fortunate to have gotten placed here. I have met other Peace Corps volunteers who live in/near Sumy, and I also have met some volunteers who are in Ukraine with the European Volunteer Service. There are also have been many Ukrainians who have showed me how to get around town, where the good markets are, and which marshrutkas (mini-buses) to take around the city.
  • I do not have internet access at home, so I am still figuring out a regular schedule for posting updates here. I know that everyone wants to see photos, so I promise to work on getting some posted. Please don’t be offended if I am late in responding to an email or message from you – your support and love mean a lot to me, and I hope to get caught up with my communication soon!

Here is the link to my press conference video, for your viewing pleasure!

Sumy Press Conference Video

- Wandering W.

Happy to take any comments!
  1. Devin says:

    Props on being famous! I am also jealous that you have a soccer and volleyball court right outside of your house. let me know how the English club goes, I see several of those in my future..