Two Months & Two Weeks

I’m finally launching this blog! Sorry that it has taken me so long – I am two months into Peace Corps training, and I only have two weeks left! Where does the time go? I do not have internet access at home right now – hopefully, I will have it once I get to site in two weeks, and I will update on a more regular basis.

The latest and greatest of my life in Ukraine:

Learning Russian continues to be a fun but challenging adventure. On June 4th, I will officially take a test that tells the Peace Corps what language level I am at. Wish me luck!

On June 5th or 6th, I will finally learn where I will be serving as a volunteer for the next two years. Right now, I do not know what type of organization or type of city I’ll be in. I think we are all very excited and anxious to find out.

On June 9th, I will travel to Kiev for our official swearing in ceremony. At that time, I will officially become a full-fledged Peace Corps Volunteer. On June 11th, I will depart Kiev and move to my site.

My cluster and I implemented our service project last week. We conducted 2, 1 hour seminars for 25 high school students about how to build a resume, how to get professional experience, how to be professional on social media, and how to prepare for an interview. The students were very engaged and attentive during both seminars, and I was very pleased with how well it went.

People have always been the most important part of any of my experiences, and this holds true for my PC life so far. Among the many amazing people I am privileged to know: my cluster, my host family, my entire training group, and the many Ukrainians who have been patient enough to decipher my broken attempts at Russian.

A few snapshots of my Training Life:

My incredibly generous host parents


My host nieces, who ensure that every day is a hilarious adventure


My cluster (from left) – Clarissa, Nathan, Evan, and Rachel. If we can learn Russian, we can do anything! Sweet peaches!!


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