Wedding Well Wishes and Some Sweet Snapshots

The past few weeks have flown by – work projects have kept me busy, I’ve been lucky enough to do some travelling, and I’ve been enjoying autumn weather with friends. A quick update!

Wedding Well Wishes:

One of the difficult parts of Peace Corps service is missing important life milestones of friends and family. There are numerous babies being born right now, and many close friends have gotten hitched in the past two months. Although missing these momentous events can be sad, I appreciate that Skype and Facebook help me stay involved in my friends’ lives. I also love sharing stories about my American life with my Ukrainian friends, and vice versa.

A few weeks ago, I missed the wedding of one of my best friends, Joe, who married the lovely Liz. I have been friends with Joe since our early days at Marquette. I was reminiscing a few weeks ago, and I found the first photo we ever took (band banquet, freshman year of college), and one of my favorite photos of our college days (Dogg Haus. Yum).


Youth. And Hot Dogs. n20301357_31231017_1273


Since I couldn’t be at the wedding, I decided to share a little love and advice from Ukraine with the couple. Check out the result here. Working on the video was incredibly fun. Thanks again to everyone who helped! Congratulations to two awesome people!

I also want to send my congratulations to Lindsey and Peter, and Laura and Rafi!

Some Sweet Snapshots

Here are some photographs from the past few months. I’m not a prolific photographer, but I will share when I can! Thanks to everyone who took the photos.

DSC09975 DSC00011

L: Finding the giant Lenin (yes, I’m in the photo!);

R: Elie, my Austrian dorm-mate, with a pretty coffee

  sumy lake

Sunset over Lake Chekov

hair cut before Before and after: hair cut  hair cut after


Virg and Ash

Potato Pancakes, Ukrainian style; Posing with Virginia, a fellow Volunteer


Celebrating Elie’s last week in Ukraine (come back, Elie!!);  L to R: Olga, Me, Elie, Elissa


Another amazing care package! Thanks to Aunt Dyan, Uncle Wayne, Mom, and Dad!



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